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Runcorn State High School has a proud history of offering unique and exciting opportunities to its students in the Arts. The Horizons Program Drama and Media Arts Excellence Academy is specifically designed to support and foster the development of young performing artists on a holistic level. Students will achieve excellence in the classroom while also developing leadership, citizenship and interpersonal skills. The Academy creates opportunities for the students to engage with Theatre and Film and Television industry professionals through a range of workshops, guest speakers, excursions and incursion performances. These experiences, combined with a challenging curriculum will help students to develop real world performance and production skills. Students will gain a deep understanding of the value and importance of the Performing Arts and its ability to connect communities, challenge perspectives and empower individual expression. 

What we offer

The Drama and Media Arts Excellence Academy provides opportunities for students to develop as performers and media artists through focused classes, workshops and lessons led by expert Drama and Media Excellence Teachers. As part of the program, students will be challenged to create, perform and analyse both drama and media works. Students will develop their skills through:
  • Increased exposure to drama and media learning opportunities.
  • Film production technology, including camera equipment and editing software. 
  • Exploring acting techniques and styles
  • Immersive workshops with guest artists.
  • Performance incursions from professional theatre companies
  • Industry focused excursions 
  • Performance opportunities for school and public audiences.
  • Engagement in school Arts events as a performer, camera operator, technical or backstage crew.
To remain part of the Academy throughout the year, students must maintain a very high standard of effort and involvement across their study areas. Excellence students should engage in extracurricular Arts offerings at the school and look for opportunities to extend themselves through involvement in community Arts events.​


It is a requirement that Drama and Media Arts Excellence Academy students demonstrate the following:
  • Maintain a high standard of effort and behaviour – ‘very good’ minimum, across their subjects, at reporting phases.
  • Pass all subjects academically with no less than a B overall for Creative Industries.
  • Adhere to the school values of Pride, Success and Excellence, as well as the 4 C’s (Courtesy, Cooperation, Common Sense, Consideration) at all times.
  • An excellent level of attendance.
  • Commitment to the study and development of skills in drama and media production, including regular rehearsals at home.
  • Active participation in the Arts department through performances and involvement in school events and the wider community e.g. Runcorn Camera Crew, school drama productions.​

How to apply

1. Check that you’re in the appropriate year level to apply: 

​​Excellence Academy
2022 Availability
​2023 Availability
​Drama & Media Arts
​Year 7 students only

2. Submit an online Horizons Program Expression of Interest and email through the appropriate supporting documentation where necessary.

3. Attend a Drama and Media Arts workshop: 

​Thursday, 28 July
​3.30pm - 5.30pm
​Thursday, 1 September​
​3.30pm - 5.30pm
​Thursday, 17 November
​3.30pm - 5.30pm
During the workshop, applicants will participate in group drama activities and be required to perform a short monologue piece​ from the samples provided.

If successful, applicants will be invited into the Horizons Program pending their Student Enrolment Application (new enrolments only).

Contact Us

For more information on our Drama and Media Arts Excellence Academy email artsa​​.

Last reviewed 08 November 2022
Last updated 08 November 2022