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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Runcorn State High School’s Horizons Program is designed to support and foster the development of high achieving students shaping them to be leaders of tomorrow. Through innovative and engaging curriculum design, the Horizons Program aims to extend and support students to develop skills and qualifications needed for success beyond the classroom.

With dedicated staff and an innovative curriculum, we strive for personal excellence. Our students are enveloped in opportunity in the academic, cultural and sporting facets of school life. We have a firm commitment to social justice, promoting a sense of community spirit and connectedness.
The Horizons Program is comprised of three Curriculum Focus Areas (CFA) - Academia, Creative Industries and Sport, with each CFA offering one or more unique excellence academies.

Student expectations

Students accepted into the Horizons Program must:
  • demonstrate a commitment to the school’s core values – Common sense, Cooperation, Consideration and Courtesy;
  • support for all aspects of the school’s Uniform Policy reflected by wearing the school uniform with pride;
  • demonstrate a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, reflected in their effort and behaviour;
  • demonstrate a commitment to the leadership role that is implicit for all Horizons Program participants.
Horizons Program students who fail to demonstrate the school’s high expectations around effort and behaviour may face disciplinary action in accordance with the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan; be removed from the Horizon Program and/or excluded from applying for future Horizons Program Excellence Academies.


Participation in an Excellence Academy will incur a subject levy which will go towards entry fees for challenges/competitions, as well as a variety of specialist resources and experiences. Subject levy fees vary between Excellence Academies:

Academic Excellence Academy - $100.00 subject levy
Sporting Excellence Academy - $50.00 subject levy
Drama and Media Arts Excellence Academy - $100.00 subject levy

Additional costs may be incurred throughout the year to cover excursions and other extra-curricular activities, however parents/carers will be notified of any additional costs in a timely manner.

How to apply

1. Check that you’re in the appropriate year level to apply: 

​Excellence Academy
2023 Availability2024 Availability

​Year 7, 8 and 9 students only​
​Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students only
​All year levels
​All year levels
​All year levels
​​All year levels
​Drama and media arts
​​Year 7 students only
​​Year 7 and 8 students only
​Touch football
​All year levels
​All year levels​

2. Submit an online Horizons Program Expression of Interest and email through the appropriate supporting documentation where necessary.

3. Attend an excellence academy exam, trial or workshop. For more information, please visit the appropriate excellence academy link below.

If successful, applicants will be invited into the Horizons Program pending their Student Enrolment Application (new enrolments only).

Learn more about our excellence academies

Please click on the links below to learn more about each of our Horizons Program Excellence Academies, including upcoming exam, trial and workshop dates. If you have any further questions please email

Last reviewed 28 March 2023
Last updated 28 March 2023