Principal's welcome


The Runcorn Way is embodied in our vision of High Expectations and Personalised Learning. Our high expectations extend to effort in academic work, as well as how we represent the school when involved in the myriad of opportunities students have on offer. We personalise learning everyday by aiming to know each student and how they learn best.

Our P&C and School Council are well established in our school and their contributions are evidenced both aesthetically and in the cohesive tone of the school. We work closely with our parents and value their contribution to our school and the learning process. We encourage direct collaboration between parents and teachers through initiatives such as our Personalised Learning Day. Our families value the role education plays and recently we have embarked on a one-to-one laptop program that facilitates 24/7 access to learning resources for students. 

Academic outcomes are always at the core of what we do. Using a growth mindset approach as a springboard, students are guided to regularly set academic goals and track their own progress. We offer a selective-entry, academic excellence class as part of our HORIZONS Program. Our ATAR outcomes have been well above state averages and our pedagogical approach uses the Gradual Release of Responsibility to encourage students to progressively take responsibility for their own learning. Our proud tradition of academic excellence is celebrated in many ways including on our Scholar’s Assembly, Principal’s Award morning tea each term, Academic Awards Ceremony and through a positive reward point system used by all staff. 

Positive student-teacher relationships result in our graduates having a high degree of social-emotional skill. Our core values of Persistence, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Empathy are explicitly taught through our approach to Positive Education, which is timetabled each week for students at Runcorn State High School. We offer effective support structures for students, and staff are employed specifically to progress our approach to both student and staff wellbeing.

Extra-curricula offerings are outstanding and all students are encouraged to participate. We have excellence academies in Touch Football, Basketball and Baseball. These selective entry academies are built around a culture of effort and building resilience and the success of these teams is almost guaranteed. Our school coordinates the annual Karawatha District Instrumental Music Program Workshop where 350+ primary school students from 14 local primary schools come together to develop their musicianship and performance skills. We also offer students the chance to audition for a musical and in 2021 this occurred at our local SUNPAC theatre. 

Personally, I find this a very exciting and rewarding place to work. Parents and staff can be proud of the culture of the school as students are encouraged to challenge themselves to continually improve, while being suitably supported. 

Dr ​Darren McGregor


Last reviewed 26 August 2021
Last updated 26 August 2021