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The Horizons Program Touch Football Excellence Academy is designed to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge in players that will enable them to compete successfully in Touch Football at the highest of levels throughout their education at Runcorn State High School. Our expert teaching staff will endeavour energy and passion with a positive attitude to celebrate victories, large or small, team or personal and impart a positive upbeat approach overall.

Our Touch Academy is one of only six touch programs which is endorsed by Touch Football Australia. We have developed formalised affiliation links with a number of prominent Primary School Touch Programs. We also are closely aligned with UQ Rebels Touch Club, therefore providing a strong pathway from primary school, through to high school and behind for touch players serious about reaching their potential as players and as young adults.


What we offer

As well as learning individual attack, team attack and defence principles, our Touch Academy students also have the opportunity to gain coaching and refereeing certification and are involved in coaching and refereeing numerous primary school touch competitions throughout the year. Students will compete in Karawatha District Touch Competition, All Schools Touch Competition and BMTA Junior Club Touch Competitions. Students also have the opportunity to trial for Eastern Taipans Touch teams, Metropolitan West Touch teams, Queensland Schools Touch teams and Australian Schools Touch teams for various age groups.

Students progress through basic individual and team skills and tactics in grade 7 and 8 and then proceed to complex individual and team skills and tactics in year 11 and 12. Students are assessed on their ability to make decisions in complex environments, skill level and fitness levels. Students are also taught correct technique and safe use of gym equipment with our fully fitted school gym.

Our goal

The Touch Excellence Academy aims to develop young people to become better touch players and to further their education in a healthy friendly structured environment to help each student reach their full potential on and off the field.

Our Touch Academy will focus on the following Core elements:

  • Player profiling
  • Coaching of individual skills including specific position development
  • Coaching of team offense and defence concepts
  • Strategy and game knowledge
  • Practical game application
  • Gaining formal coaching and referee qualifications

The Academy will provide the opportunity to gain knowledge within the following topics:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Player welfare and management (Social and emotional wellbeing)
  • Personal development and mentoring
  • Stretching and mindfulness
  • Game Tactics
  • Media Representation
  • Sports injuries

How to apply

1. Check that you’re in the appropriate year level to apply: 

Excellence Academy
2022 Availability
2023 Availability
Touch football
All year levels
All year levels​

2. Submit an online Horizons Program Expression of Interest and email through the appropriate supporting documentation where necessary.

3. Attend a Touch football trial: 

​Wednesday, 22 June
​3.30pm - 5.30pm

If successful, applicants will be invited into the Horizons Program pending their Student Enrolment Application (new enrolments only).

Contact Us

For more information on our touch football excellence academy email

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Last updated 19 May 2022