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Runcorn State High School has a proud history of offering unique opportunities to its students in the area of music. The Horizons Program Music Excellence Academy is specifically designed to support and foster the development of young musicians on a holistic level so that not only are students achieving excellence in Music, but their leadership, citizenship and interpersonal skills are also developed. The academy seeks to link students with music industry experts so they are guided to develop real-world skills specific to the music industry from contemporary artists. Students will be challenged to compose music, as well as listen to and experience music in a range of contemporary and traditional styles.

What we offer

The Horizons Program Music Excellence Academy provides opportunities for students to develop as musicians through focused classes, workshops and lessons led by expert Music Excellence Teachers. As part of the academy, students will be challenged to compose, perform and analyse music. Students will develop their skills through: 

  • Increased exposure to music learning opportunities.
  •  Intensive workshops with guest artists. 
  • Music technology including studio recording and composition software. Live performance opportunities for school and public audiences. 
  • Trinity School of Music exams - internationally recognised music credentials which can also allow students to bank points towards their Queensland Certificate of Education in the upper grades of the academy. 
  • Engagement in the Karawatha District Instrumental Music Program as a mentor for primary school students throughout workshops and associated events.
  •  Engagement in the school Instrumental Music Program - lessons and ensemble rehearsals. 

To remain part of the Creative Industries Academy throughout the year, students must maintain a very high standard of effort and involvement across their study areas. Excellence students should readily engage in extracurricular music offerings at the school and look for opportunities to extend themselves through involvement in community Arts events such as Eisteddfods and external performances. The Music Excellence Academy will offer places for students who excel in brass, woodwind, percussion, strings, voice, piano and guitar.


It is a requirement that Music Excellence students demonstrate the following: 

  • maintain a high standard of effort and behaviour (very good minimum) across their subjects and, academically be passing all subjects with no less than a B overall for Music. 
  • adhere to the school values of Pride, Success and Excellence, as well as to the 4 C’s (Courtesy, Cooperation, Common Sense, Consideration) at all times.
  • an excellent level of attendance. 
  • involvement in and commitment to at least two of our weekly music extra-curricular activities such as band, string ensemble or vocal group. 
  • commitment to the study and development of skill in two instruments. 
  • active participation in the music department through performances at events in the school and wider community.
  • a high level of effort and achievement in music tuition.
  • commitment and focus on musical development, including regular rehearsal at home.

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Last reviewed 13 August 2020
Last updated 13 August 2020