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Middle school

Year 9


The Transition School curriculum aims to build on the solid foundation from Junior School and extend students prior to their entry into Senior School. Students now get some choice of their elective studies but continue with a core of subjects (English, Maths, Science, Humanities). In Year 9 all students must study Physical Education but can try out for our Academy Subjects (Baseball, Basketball and Touch Football). Japanese is now also an elective, and whilst Humanities is compulsory, students continue studying specialist areas of History, Geography, Civics and Business. Students in Year 9 choose two electives in Year 9 from the Arts and Technology strands. In Year 10 students choose five electives on a semester basis, one of them must be History (in line with the National Curriculum).

Students will no longer have a ‘Key Teacher’ as they did in the Junior School but will move around to specialist areas for their subjects. Their Special Programs Teacher really becomes a key point of contact for parents and students alike. In the Transition School we take a very strong ‘case management’ approach to a student’s education. The Head of Department, O.W.L. and year level Deputy Principal monitor students’ progress very closely to ensure they continue on a successful pathway.

In Year 9 students continue with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, aiming to achieve bronze level by the end of Year 10. We have a camp in Year 10 which enables students to complete the adventurous journey component of the program. During Special Programs classes, students work to complete the other aspects of their scheme. 

Year 10

In Year 10 students consolidate their focus on career goals and continue with their individualised Senior Education Transition Plans (SET Plans) as the main focus of Year 10 Special Programs. Parent interviews are conducted in to assist students in making effective subject choices for Years 11 and 12. In this phase ‘The Runcorn Way’ of establishing a senior pathway becomes critical. Parent Information Evenings are held to pass on information about the Senior Phase of Learning. We encourage all parents to attend these nights.