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Junior school

Runcorn State High School is committed to the seamless transition of students from primary school into engaging and supportive Junior Secondary school classrooms that optimise student learning at every opportunity. We strive to provide a learning environment that is responsive and developmentally appropriate to the full range of needs, interests and achievements of young adolescent learners so that they will make senior secondary and onto their future pathways.

The junior secondary years (Year 7 and 8) are an important phase of learning for consolidating learning habits to ensure success in the senior school. At Runcorn State High School we believe junior secondary students need to focus on developing independence, resilience, and social and emotional competence as learners. Teachers work hard to form good relationships with students and encourage a love of learning. Learning goals are shared explicitly with students and their progress is carefully monitored with regular feedback given to build pathways for success. Student achievements are celebrated and a sense of pride develops in the students as they pursue their learning pathway in 'the Runcorn way'.


In Year 7 and 8, students will study English, Mathematics, Science, Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE), Health and Physical Education and Languages other than English (LOTE) Japanese as ‘core’ subjects. Technology and The Arts will be studied on a rotational basis every term.

Core curriculum structure

At Runcorn State High School, junior secondary students in year 8 and 9 have on offer three levels of learning in core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science and SOSE.

Extension learning is for those students who are motivated and enjoy being challenged in their learning. Beside covering the essential content, for students in these classes learning will be extended in the breadth and depth of subject matter. These students will be preparing themselves to take on the more challenging subjects in the senior school.

Mainstream learning is for the majority of students who wish to achieve to the best of their ability. These students complete all the content in every subject with the focus on achieving the highest grades possible.

Foundation learning is for the very few students who experience some difficulty with their learning. These students undertake a modified curriculum with the focus of achieving coverage of the gaps in their learning.