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​BYOx Program

What is BYOx?

Bring Your Own ‘x’ (BYOx) is a new pathway supporting the delivery of 21st century learning. It is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students or staff use their personally-owned mobile devices to access the department’s information and communication (ICT) network. The ‘x’ in BYOx represents more than a personally-owned mobile device; it also includes software, applications and connectivity.
The school’s BYOx program supports personally-owned mobile devices in terms of access to:
  • printing;
  • internet connection;
  • network file access and storage and;
  • support connectivity to the school network.


Why have we chosen to implement the BYOx Program?

We have chosen to support the implementation of a BYOx model to:
  • assist students to improve their learning outcomes in a contemporary educational setting;
  • enhance the learning process to maximise student achievement outcomes;
  • provide for the seamless movement of work between school, home and play;
  • help students to become responsible digital citizens and;
  • prepare students for their future studies and careers.

What mobile devices can I use?

The school selected range of approved devices includes laptops/tablets running Windows 7 or better or Apple Macbook products running up to date OS X operating systems. A tablet device must have a physical keyboard attachment in order to be approved.
Access to the department’s ICT network is provided only if the mobile device meets the department's security requirements which, at a minimum, requires that anti-virus software has been installed, is running and is kept updated on the device.

How do I Participate?

If you already own a device suitable to participate in the BYOx Program simply follow these steps:
  • Download and complete the BYOx Acceptable Use Policy (If you do not have a printer at home please feel free to pick up a copy from the ICT Team Room).
  • Pay the $30.00 annual fee for semester 1& 2 or $15.00 for semester 2 to the payment window in the office, once you have paid bring the receipt along with the completed BYOx Acceptable Use Policy to the ICT Team Room.
  • The school’s ICT Team will organise a suitable time for your device to be on-boarded, giving you access to the school’s BYOx Program.

If you do not already own a device that is suitable to participate in the BYOx program here are some options:

  • We have a partnership with Dell and HP to provide access to a range of devices that meet the BYOx specification requirements and are also competitively priced. You can view and purchase these devices by accessing the Dell Portal or HP Portal below:


HP Portal:


Dell Portal:
Username: rshs
Password: parent


  • You can also purchase your own device. If you choose to purchase a device through a retailer we strongly recommend that you download the BYOx Specification List to hand to the sales person to ensure that you are purchasing a device that is suitable for the BYOx program.

BYOx Help and Support

The school’s ICT Team is available to offer support to students between the hours of 9am-3pm Monday through until Friday. This support will extend to printing, internet connection, network file access, connectivity to the school’s network and logging service requests through the Dell Portal.
For any other questions or queries please email
The school’s BYOx program does not support personally-owned mobile devices in regard to:


  • technical support;
  • charging of devices at school;
  • security, integrity, insurance and maintenance;
  • private network accounts and;
  • local access.

Accessing Emails:

BYOx lockers are available on a first in basis for Year 7 and 8 students. If you are a Year 7 or 8 student and would like a locker, you are required to fill out the Student BYOx locker contract (PDF, 673KB) and pay a $13.00 deposit at the finance window in Administration. After the payment has been made, present your completed BYOx locker contract and payment receipt to our ICT Team and you will be assigned a locker and padlock. The $13.00 deposit will be credited to your account upon return of the padlock at the end of the school academic year.

Accessing Emails:

Emails can be accessed from any internet enabled device at

Backing Up your device:

We strongly suggest that students regularly backup their data to an external hard drive or USB on a regular basis. SyncToy is a freeware tool created by Microsoft that provides an easy-to-use interface for synchronising/backing up files. Check out our simple tutorial on backing up using SyncToy:

Microsoft Office (Free to Staff and Students):

All Queensland state school staff and students can now download multiple copies of the Microsoft Office 2016 to their personal home computers and mobile devices for free. Check out our simple tutorial on how to download and install Microsoft Office:


Using your own device at school or the office, you need security that adapts to the platform. Norton are offering Norton Security with Backup at a special discount for students, teachers and staff of the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment. To take advantage of this offer browse to the link below and click on the Norton Exclusive Security Offer.