The Educational Support Centre is the hub for special education and learning support services in the school. The team that works here comprises of both teachers and teacher aides and is led by the Head of Special Education Services.

Students with a disability who enrol in the school have a teacher as their case manager. This teacher is responsible for developing an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) for the student and sharing this with the students, teachers and other relevant staff in the school. Students may also receive support in their classes from teachers and teacher aides and may be offered tutorials to support their learning when required. Wherever possible students are encouraged to participate in regular classes with support however in a small number of cases alternative programs can be offered.

Students who have other special needs related to learning are identified by the learning support team. The teachers in this team conduct assessments and collate information on students and their learning needs and disseminate this information to all relevant teachers. They also offer advice to teachers about how to support the students’ learning needs in the regular classroom. Students may also request support from this team when they have assignments or other assessment. Some in-class support may also be provided by teachers and teacher aides from this team.

The Special Education Program at Runcorn SHS is also a specialist facility for Deaf and hearing impaired students. Educational Interpreters and Auslan Language Models form an integral part of the team and many staff are either proficient in Auslan or developing their fluency.

Students with a disability or special learning needs wanting to enrol at the school must apply through the regular enrolment channels.