The aim of the guidance service is to provide support to help students reach their academic and social potential and to overcome obstacles which may prevent them from doing so.

The areas of assistance include:

The Guidance Officer provides a confidential service for students and will only disclose information with the student’s consent or if it is of an illegal nature or a safety issue. The Guidance Officer is one of the support services provided by the Student Services team at the school. This team works closely with students and their families, staff/administration and external agencies/professionals to provide a wide range of support and to ensure that the welfare needs of students are met. Services are delivered to students as individuals or in a group format. Referrals can be made by students, parents, teachers or members of staff/administration.

The Guidance Officer communicates to students and parents about various opportunities, open days/information nights and external resources through a variety of means (e.g., daily student notices, student email, Student Services pin board, under the Student Services tab on the Learning Place, and/or via the school’s electronic newsletter ‘enews’)

If you would like further information about how the Guidance Officer can assist you, please contact the Guidance Officer on 3323 1652 to make an appointment.