We Value:

Actively Learning Everyday - Excellence and enthusiasm in teaching and learning promoting high standards of work habits, manners and personal presentation.

A Pathway To Success - A quality curriculum that meets and responds to the diverse future needs of our community.

Develop Individual Strengths - Individual students have special skills and abilities and learn best when they are challenged at an appropriate level.

Feeling Safe and Supported - A warm, supportive learning environment where students are challenged with tasks at a level appropriate to their skill development.

Taking Responsibility - Teaching practices which empower students to accept responsibility for their learning.

Developing Resilience - The development of self-esteem, team work, respect and positive interpersonal relationships as members of the global community.

Confidence To Embrace The Future - Dynamic, critical and creative teaching and learning practices incorporating new technologies to develop learners able to embrace the future.

Celebrating Success – Celebrate all achievements to foster innovation, pride and continuous improvement.

Community Partnerships - Enhancement of learning opportunities through productive community partnerships.