The Resource Scheme is endorsed by the Parents’ and Citizens’ Association and has as its main function the reduction in cost for parents of the purchase of texts and resources for the education of their children. The fee for 2017 has been set at $350.

Besides saving parents/caregivers money and the need to shop for textbooks, it ensures that all students have the resources necessary for their education. Textbooks, class notes (handouts), and some consumables will be provided whenever this is necessary. In some subjects, books and/or other materials are issued for the entire Semester whilst other materials and books will be issued only for the period that they are needed.

In addition to the $350 from parents, the school receives on behalf of parents, a textbook allowance from Education Queensland as outlined in Paragraph 14 of the Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form.

Resource Technology & Textbook Hire Scheme Conditions