Assessment Calendars

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching - learning process. Students are all given a Student Planner to assist in the demands of assessment. Also the school publishes Assessment Calendars every semester for the school community. It is advised that all families download the relevant Assessment Calendar and display them prominently (eg fridge) so that students are supported at home as well in the teaching - learning process.


Reports on student achievement and progress are compiled and mailed home four times a year as per the schedule below:

Mid Semester 1 (end of term 1) -  all year levels

End of Semester 1 (end of term 2) -  all year levels

Mid Semester 2 (end of term 3) -  all year levels

End of Semester 2 (end of term 4) -  all year levels except yr12

The reports are computer generated using OneSchool and all reports assess Homework, Effort and Behaviour as well.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Teachers will provide two formal face-to-face conferences with parents/guardians during the year. These interviews occur at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.

Teachers are encouraged to contact parents/guardians and invite them to a meeting to discuss their child's progress (academic and social). This is also an opportunity to clarify aspects of the Progress Report for parents (if necessary) and to outline future goals and strategies that will be implemented to further the child's learning development.

Runcorn SHS uses Parent-Teacher Online (PTO) to make interview bookings online. Dates and further information will be provided in the newsletter as the interviews approach.

How to use Parent-Teacher Online to make bookings