"I wish to say THANK YOU to all the teachers and supporting team at RSHS. The teachers are always available to help and guide not just the students but the parents as well. I have seen the school progress year by year for the 5 years that my children were there."
Julia Tan

“Runcorn State High School has opened a doorway of opportunity for me that I don’t think I would otherwise have had. Such as helping me reach my full potential in public speaking whereby I won the ESU Public Speaking Award in 2013. The numerous extracurricular activities such as debating and public speaking classes helped me discover my passion for human rights and social justice.”
Anisa Nandula, Year 11 Student
Young African Australian Star Recipient 2014
Qld Rostrum Voice of Youth winner 2014

“As a parent of a student who is currently in year 12, I have seen my daughter over the past 4.5 years excel academically, develop leadership qualities and compete at a high level within her chosen sports whilst a student at RSH. I can't thank the RSH Staff enough for their ongoing support, grounding and positive guidance of Grace during her high school years.”
Febe Zylstra

“My 3 children were given every opportunity to flourish and grow whilst at Runcorn State High School. They were part of the school’s Leadership Program and Music Program and they excelled in the sporting program with them all accomplishing representation at District and State level with my oldest son also representing at National Level. The teachers at Runcorn High School encouraged their growth in all areas therefore giving them a well-rounded education that has enabled them to grow into valuable and caring members of the community.”
Robyn Rohweder